Dear grandma, I’m eating well, don’t worry

I completely disagree with a few people who have come to China and then tell that every dish is bad and there’s nothing to eat. What I agree is that Chinese food is a little different from the one you can enjoy in Santo Domingo (even though some dishes are exactly the same), and that after a while in a place where gastronomy is so different you really miss your day to day food.- By the way I really miss mangú and yellow plantain pastelón! Here they don’t even know what a plantain is.

In my last time in Beijing I ate in hotels and restaurants picked by the competition staff, but now, after eating in canteens, restaurants, street trucks etc. I can say that here there’s plenty of good food to eat.

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For breakfast I have bread, milk and coffee, oatmeal, baozi (a type of bread filled with vegetables or meat), boiled eggs, fruit… I can enjoy good and cheap food at the university canteen. My favorites? Eggplant, sauté spinach, orange chicken, noodles… and after eating fruit again I can sometimes finish my day with baked sweet potato!

The problem of the image of Chinese food is that tour agencies do not provide a better picture for how Chinese food is. In National Day Holiday vacations I had the opportunity to go to Inner Mongolia, a province in the north of China. The trip was unforgettable: riding horses on the green grasslands, sleeping with winter boots because of the extreme cold at night, going to a desert, riding a camel, going to Buddhist temples… and eating over and over the same disappointing dishes.

Some curious things in my search of stuff to eat:

Bagged milk and yogurt

Milk cartons? Bottles? Why if we can sell bagged milk! You can get plain milk, chocolate milk, and mysterious flavored yogurts packaged in 250 ml bags.


All that varieties of milk and yogurt, and not a single good cheese, what a pity. Cheese is not common at all in China, or butter.

Sweet bread

I’m used to salty bread, but Chinese bread is sweet. You can’t make a regular sandwich with it… trying different brands found one that suits me and have stick to it since.

Cocoa powder

Oh cocoa powder, I searched you everywhere! They just sell it in a few places, or in the internet, you can find anything here on the internet. Occidental products are expensive everywhere though.

Nuts and dry fruits

Here is so common eating dried food, and Chinese people love peanuts (and so do I). You can find places that sell them and see all the toasting process and then by per pound. Convenient and at a good prices.

Eating in China is an experience: a lot of things to choose and try. I’ve had a lot of good surprises, and a few bad choices.

En español aquí.


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